Implementation and integration of secure cryptographic mechanisms

Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna (Military University of Technology, MUT) in Warsaw asked WonderBit to assist them with the implementation and integration of cryptographic mechanisms within NATO ACT’s VISTA platform.

Next-generation encryption technologies

This project WonderBit did with MUT allows users or services with access to VISTA cloud application platform to interact with IBM's FHE (fully homomorphic encryption) library through a series of SaaS APIs. This enables organizations to integrate advanced cryptographic mechanisms in their products. Two use cases were presented: querying an encrypted database and detecting anomalies in an encrypted database through the K-Means algorithm.

We implemented a one-click infrastructure as code (IAC) integrated with their continuous integration pipeline, which handles the management and provisioning of the software and hardware infrastructure. With IAC this is done through version-controlled code instead of a manual processes to make it easy and time-saving to manage and deploy configurations.

Additionally, by integrating MUT's smart accreditation software, we are able to generate certificates of compliance to any new machine which is deployed on the network.

What is homomorphic encryption?

Homomorphic encryption is a form of encryption that allows systems to perform mathematical operations on encrypted data without revealing to the system anything about the data or the type of computation that has been used. This type of encryption is very useful when organisations or private entities want to make use of the vast computing resources of commercial cloud providers but are not willing to disclose the information.

A good example application is performing ML (machine learning) type operations with the help of cloud providers but not wanting to disclose the sensitive data which needs to be analysed.

We also wrote a blog post on this topic, which can be found on Medium.


Python is very popular and versatile high-level programming language primarily used for software development, data analytics and machine learning. One key element in the philosophy of the language is its emphasis on code readability; the language constructs and its object-oriented approach help producing clear, logical code.


Flask is lightweight web framework written in Python designed to handle web requests. It does not come with all the bells and whistles associated with fully fledged web frameworks such as Django. Flask is very useful in containerized REST applications due to its speed, simplicity and ease of implementation.

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